Frequently Asked Questions

What is your new client procedure?

Upon entrance at our facility, you will provide basic intake information about yourself, your pregnancy and medical history.  You will receive a free pregnancy test to confirm a viable pregnancy.  You will receive a private consultation with a peer counselor who will help you assess your pregnancy and situation.

Do you provide abortions?

We do not perform abortions or refer to an abortion provider.  We will give factual information about your pregnancy and options so you can make an informed decision on your next step.

How much will my payment be?

FREE. You are never charged for any of the services you receive here.

Do you do ultrasounds?

We do not provide ultrasounds at this time onsite, but we will refer you to a clinic who can once your pregnancy is confirmed.

Do you offer any prenatal or parenting classes?

We do! We offer classes on over 150 different topics, from prenatal care, infant care, parenting, breastfeeding and so much more!

How do I earn FREE baby items and support?

Our Earn While You Learn program is perfect for parents wanting to shop with baby bucks they earn while participating in our classes and showing up for all of your prenatal appointments here or with your Doctor!  Each visit at our clinic allows us to give you FREE diapers, wipes and a trip is earned to our baby boutique room where you can shop for FREE.